Non exclusive extended commercial licence terms are as follows:


Pattern design:

Some patterns provide editable assets within the commercial licence enabling the opportunity to adapt and make new derivatives of the pattern design.  A range of file types are provided.   Not all patterns come as multi layered with multiple assets.  This is communicated within the sales listing.

Permission is given to use the pattern designs "as is" meaning without having to alter it to become part of a new design. So ... yes put it on a fabric, or a pillow "as is" :0)

You cannot rework the images and resell as digital products which competes with the product.  This includes includes pattern and design assets.


Assets design:

The assets will need to be mixed with other imagery to create a new end product. A range of file types are provided.  *An Original Design is achieved by using the graphics or patterns (also known as the Resources) as part of a wider design and not stand-alone. By adding text, backgrounds, other design elements, and overlapping elements, etc., you can create a unique, original design.

The extended commercial licences permits printing on Merchandise for sale. This includes printing on fabric, stationery, phone and lap top cases, jewellery, business cards, handmade of printed cards, flyers, printed party elements, promotional material etc... The designs can be used for printing graphics on Print-on-Demand (P.O.D) websites? This includes advertising, logos, web-design, videos, photography, backgrounds, blog design, headers, banners etc. Please ensure the artwork is flattened and resized for web use and is not extractable.